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Roni Opus Orenda

The world we think we know doesn’t exist anyway. So don’t be careful. Read. -Joy Williams

Roni wearing the mohair scarf Maria made.


Literary Fantasy, magical realism, women’s fiction, fantastical, MYTHOLOGY, Folk Tale, speculative fiction, Time-Slip, fantasy, Voicing Art, Magique

Roni was born to beatnik artists whose family car was a hearse. Her writing alters reality in such a way that mirrors her upbringing, magical realism reflects her desire for the imagination to be center stage in daily life. Roni lives by this rule, creativity is the magic of the life that we live, all we have to do is breathe it in for it to come alive.

How will you find Roni? Writing at 3:30 A.M. next to a hot pot of tea on her fuchsia chaise or on the porch overlooking the lake by candlelight. Otherwise, you are welcome to sign up for an email newsletter, that leads to photos and thoughts about fun things of interest.

The personal note:

My writing has evolved from private diaries, to poetry, to song writing, to magical realism. All aspects of my writing inform all aspects of how I write, why I write, when I write and for whom. I write for the discipline of it, for the act of forming letters by hand as a way to calm my nerves and out of this practice, my passion for writing stories has grown. My love of reading inspires me to write the stories I don’t see being written.

We are the stories we read. I am the stories I write.

Magical realism retains my focus because of the magical qualities brought to daily life, thereby igniting life with a bit more light. I am drawn to magic to balance the tragic; what is ugly becomes beautiful and I can carry on. Through writing I create a world where I feel safe and nurtured. Everyone seeks safety and respite from the confines of ‘reality’ my hope is to inspire joy and provide a safe space for the imagination to thrive. 

In honor of that safe space I have kept a private diary since I was eight years old. At age 9 my first poem was published. I wanted to transform the emotional world I was in to reflect the magic I longed to feel. This is where the ‘Imaginarratives’ come in; the collages that I do are to sanctify my private diaries. They serve as a testament to the transformations I wished to take place, a visual narrative of hope. The cathartic experience of pouring through magazines to pull images that speak to me on a very gut level sets my compass for the days ahead. The experience sanctifies the blank pages, the writing within is honored by this prepatory process and sacred space is created for my daily reverence. 

Currently I am a graduate student with SNHU, deeply engrossed in my MFA for creative writing with a speculative fiction focus. I live on a lake with my partner, her wooden boats, our kayaks and a Lynx Point Siamese feline in waiting named BonBon.